Tuesday, September 16, 2014
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Perry, Gun Bills, and Wiley Coyote!

Texas Governor Rick Perry is more than just boots and a hat.  He's an outstanding and loyal friend to gun owners and has been since he first took office as Governor in 2000.  Heck we all own boots and a hat !

He's the real deal.  He has signed every pro-gun, pro-2nd Amendment bill the Texas Legislature brought to his desk.   This may number in the dozens as in 2005 he signed 8 TSRA-backed bills.   Also, please recall that he signed Castle Doctrine Legislation (use of deadly force to protect one's home and family) as the first bill signed in 2007.  Many these bills had powerful and wealthy opposition. 

In February 2010, Governor Perry was jogging in the rugged hills surrounding Austin with his daughters labrador puppy and friends.  A misguided coyote appeared and menaced the dog.  Governor Perry is one of over 400,000 Texans with an active concealed handgun license.   He quickly drew his Ruger .380 LCP with Crimson Trace laser-site grips and dispatched the coyote.  Coyotes are not protected game animals in Texas and are a problem and nuisance.  Austin home-owners regularly lose pets to fast-food seeking, wily coyotes.

Ruger re-introduced a limited edition version of the LCP complete with a Texas star on one side and a howling coyote on the other, definitely a collector's edition handgun.

God bless Texas and many thanks to Governor Rick Perry for supporting law abiding Texans and their rights to gun ownership and the 2nd amendment!

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