TSRA Legislative Goals

The 84th Session of the Texas Legislature gavels into session on the 2nd Tuesday in January 2015.

The date for the governor and lieutenant governor’s inauguration is the 3rd Tuesday of that month.

As bills are filed and bill authors are confirmed, TSRA will post the developing information to aid our members with bill tracking.

Pro-Gun Bills Passed Into Law during the 2013 session include the following:

  • SB864:by Sen.Donna Campbell/Rep. Dan Flynn reduced the number of classroom hours for the initial concealed handgun license.
  • HB47: by Rep. Dan Flynn allows CHL renewal to be done online without a renewal course.
  • HB333: by Rep. Guillen/Sen. Hinojosa require a hotel with a no firearms policy to alert perspective customers during the reservation process.
  • HB698: by Rep. Springer/Sen. Estes requires that fingerprinting for a CHL be available in counties of a certain size.
  • SB1907: by Sen. Hegar/Rep. Kleinschmidt allows college students with a concealed handgun license to store their handgun in their personal locked vehicle on college property without sanctions.
  • HB1421: by Rep. C.Perry/Sen. Estes relating to the disposition of certain seized firearms by law enforcement agencies.
  • HB3142: by Rep. Bell/Sen. Estes relating to the type of firearm used to demonstration proficiency to obtain a CHL.
  • SB299: by Sen. Estes/Rep. Sheets deals with the unintentional display of a handgun by a CHL.

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