• Mike Cox

Heed The Warning of Challenges to Gun Rights Legislation In Virginia

By: Mike Cox, legislative director

TSRA members now have 8 million reasons to be concerned about the future of their Second Amendment rights in the Lone Star State.

The national gun control groups Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action, funded by New York billionaire and former presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg, pledged earlier this year to make Texas their “next big target” this election cycle. They plan to spend $8 million in Texas alone to elect anti-gun candidates who support their radical agenda in Congress and the Texas Legislature.

These groups, and the candidates they align themselves with, will peddle so- called “common-sense” solutions to violent crime which are all ineffective, intrusive and unenforceable gun control schemes that target law- abiding citizens and will be ignored by criminals.

We’ve already seen how this played out in Virginia and how Second Amendment rights can be lost in the blink of an eye.

Virginia has what we refer to as “off-year” elections for state offices, which took place in November of 2019. Bloomberg’s groups spent $2.5 million there on legislative races and bought themselves a narrow anti-gun majority in the State Senate and State House. They already controlled the governorship.

Fast forward just two months to January of 2020. The eyes of the nation were on the thousands of concerned gun owners who rallied at their capitol in Richmond to oppose Bloomberg-backed gun control bill after gun control bill being introduced in the Virginia General Assembly. A well known Texas hero Stephen Willeford traveled to Virginia to give the keynote speech to the gun owners that rallied at the capitol. Just like Virginians once traveled to Texas to fight at the Alamo.

As I drafted this report before March even began, both chambers of the Virginia General Assembly had approved a slew of items on the extreme Bloomberg gun control agenda: red flag legislation, a bill to criminalize the private sale or transfer of firearms, one-handgun- a-month purchase limits, a measure to gut the state firearms preemption law and allow local governments to adopt restrictions on firearms, and restrictions on firearms stored in the home. The governor, who was elected with Bloomberg money in 2017, will most certainly sign all of them.

The fix was in. The Bloomberg buyout of Virginia state government began last summer and fall during the critical election season, and it was completed in November at the ballot box.

The unprecedented grassroots efforts of those Virginians who rallied for their rights in Richmond and who emailed, called, and lobbied their lawmakers wasn’t all for naught— they defeated the crown jewel of Bloomberg’s anti-gun groups: a gun, magazine, and suppressor ban. But even that bill passed the House and only failed by a handful of votes in a Senate committee—and it will be reconsidered in 2021.

We can’t afford to let this happen here.

TSRA and Texas gun owners need to get engaged in the 2020 elections here like never before. We need to make sure every TSRA member and Texas gun owner is registered to vote. We need to identify volunteers to assist campaigns in targeted districts with putting up yard signs, phone banking and knocking on doors to educate voters. We need you to participate in grassroots events that NRA and TSRA are planning for the late summer and fall in key areas of the state to learn how to elect pro-Second Amendment lawmakers and defeat those who oppose our rights.

And we need you to DONATE to the TSRA-PAC so that we can lead you in the fight for the future of our rights in Texas.

The ultimate goal of Bloomberg and his national groups is unilateral disarmament. And their next target is Texas. The fight starts now. Are you ready?


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